Outlaws of the Moon (Jim Hanos)

Outlaws of the Moon

Publisher: Athens : Athenian Readers Club by the Greek fanatic Pulp lover Jim A. Hanos
Publisher: Frederick, MD : Distributed for the USA pulp readers: John Gunnison, Adventure House, [1997].
Pagination: 80 p. ; 18 cm.
Series: The Jim Hanos Reprints : Captain Future ; CF02
Note: Reprinted in 150 copies only


Kaldar, World of Antares (Haffner)

Kaldar, World of Antares

Publisher: Royal Oak : Haffner Press, 1998
Pagination: iv, 219 p. ; 24 cm
Cover: Jon Arfstrom; Introduction: Ray Bradbury
Afterword: Edmond Hamilton (from Fantasy Magazine, Jan. 1934)
Kaldar, World of Antares
The Snake-Men of Kaldar
The Great Brain of Kaldar