Crashing Suns (Collection)

Crashing Suns
New York : Ace Books, 1965. –
192 p. ; 17 cm. – (Ace F-319) pbk
Cover: Valigursky NUC: 70-71186
Crashing Suns (IP#1)
The Star Stealers (IP#2)
Within the Nebular (IP#3)
The Comet-Drivers (IP#5)
The Cosmic Cloud (IP#7)
“Red alert for the Interstellar Patrol” — Cover
From mighty Canopus, capital of the Federated Stars, to the outer fringes of our great galaxy, the Interstellar Patrol was on the watch. Rogue suns, marauding alien intelligences, man-made comets driven by their makers for the conquest of unsuspecting worlds, diabolical conspiracies hatched in the depths of unmapped nebulae – it was the business of the Patrol’s mighty spaceships to guard against such cosmic dangers.
Crashing Suns is the epic account of this future space legion, where volunteers from a thousand worlds man the mighty starcraft of a hundred thousand years to come. It’s interplanetary adventure on the classic scale, by the master hand of Edmond Hamilton.