Starwolf (SW#1, SW#2, and SW#3)

New York : Ace Book, 1982.10
456 p. ; cm. – (Ace Science Fiction ; 78422-4) pbk $3.50
Cover: David Schleimkofer ISBN: 0-441-78422-4
The only mercy a starwolf could expect was death …
Morgan Chane is a Starwolf-a member of the most infamous band of interstellar pirates in the galaxy-basically meaning he was one of a band of nogoodnik more-than-human raiders. He had flown with the raind packs, rockets screaming, to plunder the rich and slaughter the helpless.
But Morgan Chane was also a Terran, adopted as a child into the Starwolf clan. And when a quarrel erupted, Chane discovered that the Starwolves weighed his alien birth more heavily than all the years of comradeship. Now he is cast out of the clan, and running for his life.
But where in all the galzxy, can a Starwolf expect to find refuge?.