Worlds of Starwolves (SW#3)

Worlds of Starwolves
New York : Ace Books, 1968
158 p. ; 18 cm. – (Ace Book ; G-766) pbk
Cover: Jack Gaughan
“Morgan Chane returns to Varna to lead the Starwolves to the galaxy’s greatest loot” — Cover
The Singing Suns
There were forty of them, forty jewels that represented the forty mightiest stars. They had been synthetically created long ago by a master craftsman, and they made natural gems look dull.
The jewels moved in an intricate star-dance, always changing, now one dark red star-jewel passing two golden ones, now an ethereal blue-white gliding above a greenish one. And they sang. From each came its individual note of pure sound, and the pattern changed perpetually, but it was always music. It was like seeing the whole changing, blazing galaxy in miniature, and hearing the music of the spheres.
The Singing Suns were the greatest treasure of mankind … but they were hoarded by cunning, subtle, immensely powerful aliens. Only the feared Starwolves of Varna could dream of stealing them … and that was just what they hoped to do ….