The Solar Invasion (CF#20)

Title: The Solar Invasion (Complete Novel)
Author: Manly Wade Wellman
Year: 1946
Variant Title of: The Solar Invasion (by Manly Wade Wellman)
Type: novel
Series: Captain Future
Series Number: 20
“Curt Newton, Joan Randall and the Futuremen cruise into a strange world peopled with weird, pallid inhabitants, on the quest of a lost satellite which was mysterious plucked from the sky”


  • Startling Stories, Fall 1946, (Oct 1946, ed. Sam Merwin, Jr., publ. Better Publications, Inc., $0.15, 116pp, pulp, magazine) Cover: Earle Bergey
  • The Solar Invasion, (Oct 1968, Manly Wade Wellman, publ. Popular Library, #60-2346, $0.60, 126pp, pb) Cover: Frank Frazetta

Book Reviews:

  • Son of WSFA Journal. 33:9-10. September 1971. (D. Halterman)