OPUS#185 Daughter of Thor, The

OPUS: #185
Title: The Daughter of Thor
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1942
Type: novella
“Lust for conquest flushed hot in Nazi breasts – the Norse gods confused it with the glory of combat”–TOC
“With the coming of the Nazi invaders, war came once again to the gods; who loved to fight. But how could they know which was the right side? Should they fight Nazis?”

「この作品で面白いのは、神々は最初、戦争好きなナチの側につくのだが、ナチの虐殺と欺瞞を知るにおよんで、逆の側にまわるという展開だ」 – マイク・アシュリー著; 牧眞司訳『SF雑誌の歴史 : パルプマガジンの饗宴』(東京創元社, 2004.7) p. 208

  • Fantastic Adventures, Vol. 4, no. 8, August 1942, (Aug 1942, ed. Raymond A. Palmer, publ. Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, $0.25, 244pp, Pulp, magazine), pp. 10-47. Cover: Robert Gibson Jones


  • Gallagher, Edward J., The Annotated Guide to Fantastic Adventures, Starmont House, 1985, p. 207.

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