OPUS#198 Priestess of the Labyrinth

OPUS: #198
Title: Priestess of the Labyrinth
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1945
Type: novelette
“When you hear the blood-chilling bull-bellow you’ll know you’re in the haunt of the Minotaur – from which no man can escape.” — TOC
“The ancient world dreaded the Labyrinth for in it strange magic worked and horror walked curing ways.”

  • Weird Tales, Vol. 38, no. 3, January 1945, (Jan 1945, ed. Dorothy McIlwraith, publ. Weird Tales, $0.15, 100pp, Pulp, magazine), pp. 8-26. Cover: Margaret Brundage; Illust: Brundage


ebook: https://archive.org/details/Weird_Tales_v38n03_1945-01