OPUS#148 Horror Out of Carthage

OPUS: #148
Title: Horror Out of Carthage
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1939
Type: novelette
“Across 2000 years went Blaine and Edith to find themselves doomed by history to die in the conquest of ancient Carthage.” – Fantastic Adventures
“Ever wonder where those old “horror” movies originate? We’re not claiming they all came from the pen of Ed Hamilton, but there is what may very well be the original plot idea for all of them. There’s this old archeologist see, and he has a beauteous daughter and they’re on this dig when all-of-a-sudden…” – Fantastic


  • Fantastic Adventures, Vol. 1, no. 3, September 1939, (Sep 1939, ed. Raymond A. Palmer, publ. Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, $0.20, 100pp, Bedsheet, magazine), pp. 6-23. Cover: Harold W. McCauley
  • Fantastic, Vol. 17, no. 6, August 1968, (Aug 1968, ed. Harry Harrison, publ. Ultimate Publishing Co., Inc., $0.50, 148pp, Digest, magazine), pp. 23-50, 142. Illust : Jay Jackson


  • Gallagher, Edward J., The Annotated Guide to Fantastic Adventures, Starmont House, 1985, p. 3. “At the time of the Roman invasion the King of Carthage and the high priestess of Moloch project their minds across time and trade bodies with an archeologist excavating Carthage and his fiance. Only the aid of the King’s jealous wife enables the two Americans to reverse the mind travel process and escape hideous death at the hands of the Romans or sacrifice to Moloch.”

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