Battle for the Stars (Book Club Edition)

Battle for the Stars (Book Club Edition)
New York : Distributed by Dodd-Mead, 1961.12. –
iv, 206 p. ; 22 cm. – (A Torquil Book) LCCN: 61-15300
Note: “BOOK CLUB/EDITION” at the lower right corner of the front flap of the original, first printing dust jacket is unclipped. — Currey
Note: Has printing code “4” on page 192 — Currey
“Time is the great deceiver, science fiction writers, who probe the future, are really writing historical novels of what will soon be the past.”
Now that both the United States and Russia have put an astronaut in space novel like this fascinating tale by Edmond Hamilton are as topical as they are gripping. In this story we see the descendants of the first astronauts celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first space flight from the “ancient planet” Earth. Jay Birrel, Captain of a squadron of space ships from Lyra constellation, is there with his lovely wife Lyllin, who was born on Vega. Alson present is Ferdias, Governor of Lyra, and Tausner, top agent of constellation Orion.
Jay and Lyllin, just back from a harrowing experience on a planet in cluster N-356-44, where they discovered that Orion is plotting against Lyra, are amazed and intrigued by the quaint, old-fashioned character of the planet from which all humanity came. They are living in an old farm house, north of New York City, when they discover that the Orion faction is plotting again. Before long Jay finds himself involved in a mighty battle between Lyra and Orion in which the courageous but ill-equipped natives of Earth fight beside the astronauts of Lyra to save the independence of the Home Planet.
Once again Edmond Hamilton has written a novel that holds the reader by its vivid characterization and its terse narrative style as well as by its imaginative exploration of the future that is now just around the corner.