Beyond the Moon (Signet) SK#1

Beyond the Moon (aka The Star Kings)
New York : New American Library, 1950.9. –
167 p. ; 18 cm. – (Signet Books ; 812)
“More astounding than the flying saucers — Amazing adventures on other worlds!” — Cover
Life- and death on other worlds
One of the most amazing adventure-stories ever written, Beyond the Moon is an action-packed account of live, war and exploration on other worlds, as experienced by a man-of-today in the future!
Young, restless, dissatisfied with his monotonous post-war insurance job, John Gordon discovered a way of traveling through time! And when he arrived in the strange world of tomorrow, Gordon found himself in the middle of a titanic interplanetary war – the one man in the universe with the key to final victory!
His adventures on other planets, his strange of love affair withe the beautiful Lianna, his single-handed battle against the invading legions of the “dark worlds” – all add up to an exciting, new kind of fiction!
Book Reviews:

  • Future Science Fiction. 2(1):98. May 1958. (R. Lowndes)