OPUS#166 Revolt on the Tenth World

OPUS: #166
Title: Revolt on the Tenth World
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1940
Type: novelette
Variant Title of: The Revolt on the Tenth World
“When a man goes wrong in space there’s only one refuge for him – Tenth World, the planet of cutcasts.”-TOC
“The Tenth World was not the planet Jjm Crane wanted to hail from – but public opinion had condemned him to a lifetime on this mythical world of shame.”

  • Amazing Stories, Vol. 14, no. 11, November 1940, (Nov 1940, ed. Raymond A. Palmer, publ. Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, $0.20, 148pp, Pulp, magazine) Cover: Robert Fuqua; Illust: Julian S. Krupa
  • Science Fiction Adventure Classics, No. 7, Winter 1969, (1969, ed. uncredited, publ. Ultimate Publishing Co., Inc., $0.50, 132pp, Digest, magazine) Cover: Wesso; Illust : Julian S. Krupa

ebook: https://archive.org/details/Amazing_Stories_v14n11_1940-11.Ziff-Daviscape1736
ebook: https://archive.org/details/AmazingStoriesV14N11194011
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