OPUS#218 Serpent Princess

OPUS: #218
Title: Serpent Princess
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1948
Type: novelette
“A place dedicated to death is unwholesome for the living until they, too, join the restless legions of the Beyond” – TOC
“A hidden temple full of people dead thousands of years should make an archaeologist’s life – yet it might mean his death!”

  • Weird Tales, Vol. 40, no. 2, January 1948, (Jan 1948, ed. Dorothy McIlwraith, publ. Weird Tales, $0.20, 100pp, Pulp, magazine), pp. 6-20. Cover: Boris Dolgov; Illust: Coye
  • What’s It Like Out There? and Other Stories, (1974, Edmond Hamilton, publ. Ace, #88065, $0.95, 320pp, pb, coll)

ebook: http://www.unz.org/Pub/WeirdTales-1948jan-00006
ebook: https://archive.org/details/Weird_Tales_v40n02_1948-01