OPUS#259 Godmen, The

OPUS: #259
Title: The Godmen
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1958
Type: novella
Note: The Two Thousand Centuries : Era of Interstellar Exploration 2300-2621
“Interplanetary science fiction novel”–TOC
“Legends whispered across the galaxy of a race which traveled the eternal cosmos without ships – or any mortal form. Was it legend? Or -”


  • Space Travel, Vol. 5, no. 6, November 1958, (Nov 1958, ed. William L. Hamling, publ. Greenleaf Publishing Company, $0.35, 132pp, Digest, magazine) Cover: Paul E. Wenzel; Illust : D. Bruce Berry

ebook: https://archive.org/details/Space_Travel_Volume_5_Number_6_