The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Five

The Six Sleepers, The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Five
Introduction: Robert A. Madle
Cover Art: Margaret Brundage
Illustration: C.C. Senf, Frank R. Paul, H.W. “Wesso” Wessolowski, Hugh Rankin, Joseph Doolin, Virgil Finlay
Publisher: Haffner Press, 2015?
Pagination: ca. 600 p
ISBN: 978-1-893887-72-5
“Introduction” by Robert A. Madle
“Snake-Man” (Weird Tales, Jan ’33)
“Kaldar, World of Antares” (Magic Carpet, Apr ’33)
“The Star-Roamers” (Weird Tales, Apr ’33)
“The Island of Unreason” (Wonder Stories, May ’33)
“The Fire Creatures” (Weird Tales, Jul ’33)
“The Horror on the Asteroid” (Weird Tales, Sep ’33)
“The Snake-Men of Kaldar” (Magic Carpet, Oct ’33)
“The Vampire Master” (Weird Tales, Oct 33 – Jan ’34
“The Man with X-Ray Eyes” (Wonder Stories, Nov ’33)
“The War of the Sexes” (Weird Tales, Nov ’33)
“The Man Who Returned” (Weird Tales, Feb ’34)
“Thundering Worlds” (Weird Tales, Mar ’34)
“Cosmos – Chapter 17: Armageddon in Space” (Fantasy Magazine, Dec ’34/Jan ’35)
“Master of the Genes” (Wonder Stories, Jan ’35)
“Murder in the Grave” (Weird Tales, Feb ’35)
The Truth Gas” (Wonder Stories, Feb ’35)
“The Eternal Cycle” (Wonder Stories, Mar ’35)
“The Accursed Galaxy” (Astounding Stories, Jul ’35)
“The Avenger from Atlantis” (Weird Tales, Jul ’35)
“The Cosmic Pantograph” (Wonder Stories, Oct ’35)
“The Six Sleepers” (Weird Tales, Oct ’35)
“The Great Brain of Kaldar” (Weird Tales, Dec ’35)

The Horror on the Asteroid and Other Tales of Planetary Horror (Reprint)

The Horror on the Asteroid and Other Tales of Planetary Horror /
with a new introduction by Gerry De La Ree
Boston : Gregg Press, 1975.6. –
ix, 256 p. ; 21 cm. – (The Gregg Press Science Fiction Series)
ISBN: 0-8398-2304-5 LCCN: 75-5745

The Horror on the Asteroid p. 9
The Accursed Galaxy p. 59
The Man Who Saw Everything (The Man With the X-Ray Eyes) p. 99
The Earth-Brain p. 127
The Monster-God of Mamurth p. 185
The Man Who Evolved p. 219

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The Horror on the Asteroid and Other Tales of Planetary Horror

The Horror on the Asteroid and Other Tales of Planetary Horror
London : Philip Allan, 1936
256 p. ; 20 cm.
“Starting with the story that provides the title of the book, Edmond Hamilton presents the reader with six tales of horror, each of which has its undercurrent of science. A space-ship is wending its way from Earth to Jupiter when it runs into an uncharted meteor swarm and is smashed. The survivors get away in the life-boats and make for the nearest asteroid where they hope to remain till rescue comes. But does it come in time? A young man gets a doctor to operate on his eyes so that he can see through walls, and everything except organic matter vanishes from his sight. Is he satisfied when by lip-reading he can tell what people are saying that they do not want strangers to hear? There is included the story of and accursed Galaxy; the reader is surprised to find that he is really living on the body of a vast pulsating creature; a monster God is found inhabiting the African Desert, and finally there is an inspired tale that tells how “the mad of man’s evolution is a circular one, returning to its beginning.”

 Title  Page
1 The Horror on the Asteroid 009
2 The Accursed Galaxy 059
3 The Man Who Saw Everything   (The Man With the X-Ray Eyes) 099
4 The Earth-Brain 127
5 The Monster-God of Mamurth 185
6 The Man Who Evolved 219



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OPUS#063 Man with X-Ray Eyes, The

Title: The Man with X-Ray Eyes
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1933
Variant Title of: The Man Who Saw Everything (by Edmond Hamilton )
Type: short story
“Endowed with super-vision, reporter David Winn learns the awesome and terrifying secret of seeing too much!”–Startling
Perhaps the facts propounded in the present story are all too true … we know that some of them are. Perhaps it is well that the truth about many matters is kept from the public mind …. while the knowledge of others would definitely aid civilization.
If someone offered you the power of seeing everything – through walls – would you accept? We’ll wager you would. And David Winn accepted. He wanted to see all there was to see. He wanted the world revealed to his eyes. No real harm can come from merely using the sense of sight, you say. But read the story and you may change your opinion.

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