001Monster-God of Mamurth, The
002Across Space
003Metal Giants, The
004Atomic Conquerors, The
005Evolution Island
006Moon Menace, The
007Time-Raider, The
008Comet Doom, The
009Dimension Terror, The
010Crashing Suns [IP#1]
011Polar Doom, The
012Star-Stealers, The [IP#2]
013Sea Horror, The
014Locked Worlds
015Within the Nebula [IP#3]
016Abysmal Invaders, The
017Outside the Universe [IP#4]
018Other Side of the Moon, The
019Hidden World
020Cities in the Air
021Life-Masters, The
022Comet-Drivers, The [IP#5]
023Space Visitors, The
024Evans of the Earth-Guard
025Invisible Master, The [CC#1]
026Plant Revolt, The
027Murder in the Clinic, The [CC#2]
028Sun People, The [IP#6]
029Universe Wreckers, The
030Death Lord, The
031Pigmy Island
032Second Satellite, The
033World Atavism
034Man Who Saw the Future, The
035Mind-Master, The
036Cosmic Cloud, The [IP#7]
037Horror City, The
038Man Who Evolved, The
039Monsters of Mars
040Ten Million Years Ahead
041Earth-Owners, The
042Sargasso of Space, The
043Shot from Saturn, The
044Creatures of the Comet
045Reign of the Robots, The
046Dead Legs
047Conquest of Two Worlds, A
048Three from the Tomb, The
049Earth-Brain, The
050Terror Planet, The
051Dogs of Doctor Dwann, The
052Space-Rocket Murders
053Vampire Village
054Man Who Conquered Age, The
056Kaldar, World of Antares [SM#1]
057Star-Roamers, The
058Island of Unreason, The
059Fire Creatures, The
060Horror on the Asteroid, The
061Snake-Men of Kaldar, The [SM#2]
062Vampire Master, The [DD#1]
063Man with X-Ray Eyes, The
064War of the Sexes, The
065Man Who Returned, The
066Thundering Worlds
067Corsairs of the Cosmos [IP#8]
068Armageddon in Space
069Masters of the Genes
070Murder in the Grave
071Truth Gas, The
072Eternal Cycle, The
073Carter Makes a Squeal
074Murder at Weed Key
075Accursed Galaxy, The
076Avenger from Atlantis, The
077Cosmic Pantograph, The
078Six Sleepers, The
079Great Brain of Kaldar, The [SM#3]
080Ramrod Key Killings, The
081In the World’s Dusk
082Leopard’s Paw
083Earth Dwellers, The
084Intelligence Undying
085Murder in the King Family
086Murder Mountain
087Beasts That Once Were Men
088Child of the Winds
089Copper Proof
090Crimson Gold
091Hell Train
092House of the Evil Eye, The [DD#2]
093His Sworn Duty
094When the World Slept
095Crime Crusader, The
096Crooked Cop
097Door into Infinity, The
098Children of Terror
099Great Illusion, The (Round-robin)
100Snow Clue
101Cosmic Quest
102Last Bequest
103Dying Fingers Point
105Face to Face
106Mutiny on Europa
107Sea Murder
108Murder Press
109Ball Bearing Death
110Kid Stuff
111Seeds from Outside, The
112Corpse Died Twice, The
113Fessenden’s Worlds
114Million Years Ahead, A
115Death Dolls
116Space Mirror [RC#1]
117World of the Dark Dwellers
118Death Comes in Glass (GH#2)
119Lake of Life, The
120Holmes’ Folly
121Prize Title Contest Story
122Child of Atlantis
123When Space Burst
124House of Living Music, The
125Power Pit 13
126Easy Money
127Isle of the Sleeper, The
128Murder in the Void [RC#2]
129Great Illusion, The
130He That Hath Wings
131Horror in the Telescope
132Fire Princess, The
133Woman from the Ice
134Man Who Lived Twice, The
135Cosmic Hiss, The
136Ephemerae, The
137Bride of the Lightning
138Comrades of Time [ED#1]
139Conqueror’s Voice, The
140Fear Neutralizer, The
141Under the White Star
142Valley of Invisible Men
143Armies from the Past [ED#2]
144Prisoner of Mars, The
145Short-Wave Madness
146Man Who Solved Death, The
147Debtor at Eight
148Horror Out of Carthage
149Dweller in the Darkness
150Captain Future and the Space Emperor [CF#1]
151Three Planeteers, The
152Doom Over Venus
153Interplanetary Graveyard
154Calling Captain Future [CF#2]
155City from the Sea, The
156Dictators of Creation
157Liline, the Moon Girl
158World Without Sex
159Captain Future’s Challenge [CF#3]
160Isle of Changing Life, The
161Lost Treasure of Mars
162Night the World Ended, The
163Sea Born
164Triumph of Captain Future, The [CF#4]
165Murder Asteroid
166Revolt on the Tenth World
167Brother to Him, A
168Gift from the Stars
169Captain Future and the Seven Space Stones [CF#5]
170Horse That Talked, The
171Mystery Moon
172Yank at Valhalla, A
173Star Trail to Glory [CF#6]
174Magician of Mars, The [CF#7]
175Son of Two Worlds
176Lost World of Time, The [CF#8]
177Day of the Micro-Men
178Dreamer’s Worlds
179Quest Beyond the Stars [CF#9][〇]
180Wacky World
181Outlaws of the Moon [CF#10]
182Treasure on Thunder Moon
183Comet Kings, The [CF#11]
184Quest in Time, The
185Daughter of Thor, The
186Planets in Peril [CF#12]
187Through Invisible Barriers
188Lost City of Burma
189World With a Thousand Moons, The
190Face of the Deep, The [CF#13]
191No-Man’s-Land of Time
193Star of Dread, The [CF#15]
194Valley of the Assassins, The
195Magic Moon [CF#16]
196Free-Lance of Space, The
197Shadow Folk, The
198Priestess of the Labyrinth
199Red Sun of Danger [CF#18]
200Shining Land, The [BC#1]
201Invaders from the Monster World
202Deconventionalizers, The
203Inn Outside the World, The
204Trouble on Triton
205Lost Elysium [BC#2]
206Outlaw World [CF#19]
207Forgotten World
208Dead Planet, The
209Indestructible Man, The
210Valley of the Gods, The
211Day of Judgment
212Never the Twain Shall Meet
213King of Shadows, The
214Star of Life, The
215Come Home from Earth
216Proxy Planeteers
217Star Kings, The [SK#1]
218Serpent Princess
220Might-Have-Been, The
221Knowledge Machine, The
222Valley of Creation, The
223Twilight of the Gods
224Watcher of the Ages, The
225Alien Earth
226Return of the Captain Future, The [CF#21]
227Children of the Sun [CF#22]
228City at World’s End, The
229Harpers of Titan, The [CF#23]
230Pardon My Iron Nerves [CF#24]
231Moon of the Unforgotten [CF#25]
232Earthmen No More [CF#26]
233Birthplace of Creation [CF#27]
234Lords of the Morning
235What’s It Like Out There?
236Unforgiven, The
237Starman Come Home
238Sacrifice Hit
239Legion of Lazarus, The
240Battle for the Stars
241Thunder World
242Citadel of the Star Lords
243Cosmic Kings, The
244Last Call for Doomsday
245Starcombers, The
246Tattooed Man, The
247Sinister Invasion, The
248World of Never-Men
249Cosmic Destroyer, The
250No Earthman I
251Ship from Infinity, The
252Fugitive of the Stars
253Cosmic Looters, The
254Men of the Morning Star
255Corridor of the Suns
256Dark Backward, The
257Planet of Exile
258Star Hunter, The
259Godmen, The
260Haunted Stars, The
262Stars, My Brothers, The
264Babylon in the Sky
265After a Judgement Day
266Kingdoms of the Stars (SK#2-1)[〇][〇][〇]
267Pro, The
268Shores of Infinity, The (SK#2-2][〇]
270Weapon from Beyond, The [SW#1]
271Closed Worlds [SW#2]
272World of Starwolves [SW#3]
273Broken Stars, The [SK#2-3][〇][〇][〇][〇]
275Horror from the Magellanic, The [SK#2-4][〇][〇][〇][〇]
276Iron One, The
277Red Beak of Thoth, The (2004) with Jack Williamson
278Stark and the Star Kings [SK#3]