OPUS#140 Fear Neutralizer, The

OPUS: #140
Title: The Fear Neutralizer
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1939
Type: short story
“”Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” “Not I,” said John Stuart as he started to paint the town red!”


  • Startling Stories, Vol. 1, no. 2, March 1939, (Mar 1939, ed. Mort Weisinger, publ. Better Publications, Inc., $0.15, 132pp, Pulp, magazine) Illust: Jack Binder
  • Science Fiction Yearbook, Number 2, (1968, ed. Helen Tono, publ. Popular Library, Inc., $0.50, 100pp, Pulp, magazine)

Book review

  • Gammell, Leon L., The Annotated Guide to Startling Stories, Starmont House, 1986, p. 44. “More messing about the glands, with somewhat less than desirable results.”