Янки в Вальхалле

Янки в Вальхалле
Compiler: Александр Лидин
Publisher: СПб.: Северо-Запад, 2013
Pagination: 336 p.
Series: Забытая классика (Жёлтая серия)
ISBN: 978-5-93835-481-8
Янки в Вальхалле (A Yank at Valhalla) / tr. by А. Лидина, pp. 7-230
Дочь Тора (The Daughter of Thor) / tr. by З. Линник, pp. 233-327

OPUS#185 Daughter of Thor, The

OPUS: #185
Title: The Daughter of Thor
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1942
Type: novella
“Lust for conquest flushed hot in Nazi breasts – the Norse gods confused it with the glory of combat”–TOC
“With the coming of the Nazi invaders, war came once again to the gods; who loved to fight. But how could they know which was the right side? Should they fight Nazis?”

「この作品で面白いのは、神々は最初、戦争好きなナチの側につくのだが、ナチの虐殺と欺瞞を知るにおよんで、逆の側にまわるという展開だ」 – マイク・アシュリー著; 牧眞司訳『SF雑誌の歴史 : パルプマガジンの饗宴』(東京創元社, 2004.7) p. 208

  • Fantastic Adventures, Vol. 4, no. 8, August 1942, (Aug 1942, ed. Raymond A. Palmer, publ. Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, $0.25, 244pp, Pulp, magazine), pp. 10-47. Cover: Robert Gibson Jones


  • Gallagher, Edward J., The Annotated Guide to Fantastic Adventures, Starmont House, 1985, p. 207. “An American pilot who has just escaped from a Nazi prison in Norway is fighting one of his pursuers when both men are taken by Brunhild, daughter of Thor, to Valhalla. The robust gods in Valhalla are happy to hear that there is a war on and decide to help the Nazis since the American professes to be peaceloving. As they approach a battle, however, they are appalled by Nazi butchery and trickery, and decide to help the gallant Norse fighting for their homeland.”

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