OPUS#153 Interplanetary Graveyard

OPUS: #153
Title: Interplanetary Graveyard
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1940
Type: short story
“Mark Raymond weeps? as he approaches the grave of Ardra, taken by a strange malady while he was away as Jupitar — but terror strikes him as he hinds her body missing and strange footprints leading the distant!”–TOC
“A great sorrow engulfs Mark Raymond as he returns to Earth from a four – month trip to Jupitar – for he learns that his Ardra had died of a strange malady. But this sorrow turns to object horror when he finds her grave empty and desecrated by crude footprints!”


  • Future Fiction, Vol. 1, no. 2, March 1940, (Mar 1940, ed. Charles D. Hornig, publ. Double Action Magazines, Inc., $0.15, 116pp, pulp, magazine) Cover: Scott; Illust: Lindsay Robert Streeter
  • TO THE STARS-& BEYOND, [1989] *Not Yet Published