Космический наемник (Original Collection)

Космический наемник (Original Collection)
Editor: Ли Брэкетт
Publisher: СПб.: Северо-Запад, 2014
Series: Забытая классика (Жёлтая серия)
Note: Not yet published?
Cover: Д. Мэйтца
Космический наёмник (The Free-Lance of Space) tr. by Е. Шруба
Коридор солнц (Corridor of the Suns) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Космические посетители (The Space Visitors) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Космический пантограф (The Cosmic Pantograph) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Космический поиск (The Cosmic Quest) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Ночь конца света (The Night the World Ended) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Поиски во времени (The Quest in Time) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Трансурановый (Transuranic) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Убийство на астероиде (Murder Asteroid) /tr. by Е. Шруба

OPUS#184 Quest in Time, The

OPUS: #184
Title: The Quest in Time
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1942
Type: novella
“She lay in the coffin as one dead; and around her moved the wraiths of dead Cortez and Monterume”–TOC
“There before Nick Clark lay the body of Kay Madison; was she dead, or had she really gone 400 years into Mexico’s past?”


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