The Solar Invasion (Popular Library)

The Solar Invasion (CF#20) by Manley Wade Wellman
New York : Popular Library 1968. –
126 p. ; 18 cm. – (Popular Library ; 60-2346)
Cover: Frazetta
“From beyond the fifth dimension, a master fiend threatens to destroy the universe …… by Manly Wade Wellman” — Cover
The menace from out of time
it comes from beyond the fifth – an alien intelligence both invulnerable and totally evil.
Its aim: bring the universe to its knees. Its primary objective: destroy the Solar System.
As doomsday rushes ever closer, one lone man dares oppose the creature from beyond. Only he can save the universe from a brutal, blazing cataclysm.
solarinvasion solarinvasion-verso

Quest Beyond the Stars (Popular Library) CF#9

Quest Beyond the Stars
New York : Popular Library, 1969. –
142 p. ; 18 cm. – (Popular Library ; 60-2389)
Cover: Jeff Jones
“Captain Future penetrates forbidden space to challenge the evil creatures who lie in wait” — Cover
Venture into darkest space
Mercury is slowly dying. Each year its air grows thiner. Each month thousands of broken Mercurians are ordered to leave their planet.
They have only one hope. Captain Future, the Solar System’s most daring agent, has promised to restore their world – a next to impossible task.
The solutions lies beyond the stars … at the very core of the universe where no man has ventured before. There, in the shadow of doom, Captain Future meets the mightiest of all evil beings – creatures he may not live to describe …
Book Reviews:

  • Luna Monthly. 1:31. June, 1969. (D. Paskow)
  • Venture Science Fiction. 3(2):123-124. August. 1969. (R. Goulart)


Danger Planet (Popular Library) CF#18

Danger Planet [Red Sun of Danger]
New York : Popular Library, 1969. –
128 p. ; 18 cm. – (Popular Library ; 60-2335)
Cover: Frazetta
“Introducing Captain Future, one strong man battling the galaxies of evil” — Cover
Danger Planet
One million years back in the swirling, shrouded past, evil ultra-beings ruled the Planet Roo. Suddenly, unbelievably, they are alive again, threatening the universe with total destruction.
Only one man dares challenge the Evil Ones. He is Captain Future, inter-galactic agent of justice, whose identity is top secret, whose strength is ultimate. He sets out alone to stop the deathless menace creeping ever closer…

Planets in Peril (Popular Library) CF#12

Planets in Peril
New York : Popular Library, 1969. –
128 p. ; 18 cm. – (Popular Library ; 60-2416)
“Captain Future plunges into the deadly abyss of an unknown dimension – to reach a dying universe” — cover
Visit from another universe
They were the first arrivals from the other side of the cosmos.
With the help of the Martian scientist Thrin, they had crossed the whirling black abyss of the fourth dimensional – a dimension that had never been reached before.
Now a man with skin of pure marble-white and a woman of unearthly beauty stood before the disbelieving eyes of Captain Future and the Futuremen. The strange couple stared back in awe and amazement – particularly at Captain Future.
“Here is the one,” the man said finally in his alien tongue. “He is the only one who can save us!”

Outlaws of the Moon (Popular Library)

Outlaws of the Moon
New York : Popular Library, 1969. –
128 p. ; 18 cm. – (Popular Library ; 60-2399 pbk
“A corrupt scientist plots to invade the moon – and destroy Captain Future” — Cover
The sorrowful cry spread throughout the Solar System. Captain Future and his Futuremen had been missing for months. There was little hope that they’d ever be seen again…
A scheming scientist headed for the moon. Now was his chance to find the Futuremen’s hideaway and steal their highly guarded secrets, secrets that could control the Universe. No one could stop him — not even the sinister lunar creatures — now that Captain Future was dead!

Outlaw World (Popular Library) CF#19

Outlaw World
New York : Popular Library, 1969. –
126 p. ; 18 cm. – (Popular Library ; 60-2376)
Cover: Frazetta
“A sinister super-being in a hidden world sets out to demolish the Solar System” — Cover
Where are they from and what is their ultimate evil purpose?
A band of dread invaders, led by a ruthless genius, is overcoming the system, sapping it of radium – its most vital element – killing all who stand in the way. Captain Future must find their base – their Outlaw World – and crush their deadly plot. He is the last hope in a crumbling solar system.
Book Reviews:

  • World of IF. 19(8):147. October 1969. (L. del Rey)
  • Science Fiction Review. 35:38. Februry 1970. (C. Brandon) [full text]


The Magician of Mars (Popular Library)

The Magician of Mars
New York : Popular Library, 1969. –
128 p. ; 18 cm. – (Popular Library ; 60-2450) pbk
“The Solar System’s most dangerous criminal _ an evil super-genus _ sets out to destroy Captain Future” — cover
Captain Future’s most cunning opponent
His real name is Ul Quorn, but he is known throughout the Solar System as the Magician of Mars. With sheer scientific mastery and cunning he once terrorised the entire population of all nine planets – until Captain Future put an end to his evil deeds.
Now Ul Quorn has broken loose from the escape-proof Interplanetary Prison – a feat that was believed impossible. His plan to obtain wealth and power is more ingenious than ever before and more deadly to the System.
Soon he will be master of the Universe. But first he must settle a score with Captain Future…
Book Reviews:

  • Luna Monthly. 19:22. December 1970. (D. Paskow)


The Haunted Stars (UK edition)

The Haunted Stars
London : H. Jenkins, 1965. –
174 p. ; 20 cm.
Cover: Brian Lewis NUC: 80-547042
It meant little to Robert Fairlie, a serious and dedicated young philologist, that the United States and Soviet Russia were at odds about the Moon. He had little interest in the first rocket landings on the bases that the two nations had built there.
and he neither knew nor cared why the Americans would not agree to mutual inspections of these bases.
Yet the American had reason enough: and quite unexpectedly, because of his specialized knowledge of languages, he found himself sharing the burden of an incredible secret. For what the Americans base had yielded was astounding evidence that space had already been conquered many countries before bya a people who had once spanned the stars. There had been machines and destructive weapons beyond the comprehension of present-day scientists which, if knowledge of them fell into the wrong hands, could plunge the world into unutterable chaos.
Fairlie’s trip to the closely-guarded rocket base in New Mexico turned out to be only the first step on a fantastic journey amid the unexplored stars to the home-world of the space-conquerors of long ago.
It was a journey into the appalling reality of stellar space still haunted by the past cosmic struggle whose scale in space and time dwarfed th rivalries of tiny Earth’s quarrelling nations.

The Haunted Stars : a Science Fiction Novel (Pyramid)

The Haunted Stars : a Science Fiction Novel
New York : Pyramid Books, 1962.2. –
159 p. ; 18 cm. – (Pyramid Books ; F-698)
Cover: Kandinsky
“A tense tale of the near future – and of man’s destiny among” — Cover
They called it operation darkness …
In strictest secrecy the team of scientists and linguistic experts worked feverishly over the ancient manchines and inscriptions they had found on the Moon – relics of a civilization that had visited the Solar System 300 centuries ago. Here was the secret of space travel … the road back to The Haunted Stars.
Then they found the way to use the secret – and with it a truth they dared not face!
Book review

  • Malcolm, Donald, in: Vector, no. 33, June 1965