The Best of Edmond Hamilton (Garland)

The Best of Edmond Hamilton / ed. by Leigh Brackett
New York : Garland, 1983. –
xviii, 381 p. ; cm.
Reprint of 1977 ed. (Ballantine); LCCN: 81-47372
• Fifty Years of Wonder • (1977) • essay by Leigh Brackett
• The Monster-God of Mamurth • (1926) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• The Man Who Evolved • (1931) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• A Conquest of Two Worlds • (1932) • novelette by Edmond Hamilton
• The Island of Unreason • (1933) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• Thundering Worlds • (1934) • novelette by Edmond Hamilton
• The Man Who Returned • (1934) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• The Accursed Galaxy • (1935) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• In the World’s Dusk • (1936) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• Child of the Winds • (1936) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• The Seeds from Outside • (1937) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• Fessenden’s Worlds • (1937) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• Easy Money • (1938) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• He That Hath Wings • (1938) • novelette by Edmond Hamilton
• Exile • (1943) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• Day of Judgment • (1946) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• Alien Earth • (1949) • novelette by Edmond Hamilton
• What’s It Like Out There? • (1952) • novelette by Edmond Hamilton
• Requiem • (1962) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• After a Judgement Day • (1963) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• The Pro • (1964) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• Castaway • (1969) • shortstory by Edmond Hamilton
• Afterword (The Best of Edmond Hamilton) • (1977) • essay by Edmond Hamilton

To the Stars- & Beyond! (Not Yet Published)

To the Stars- & Beyond! / comp. & intro. by Sheldon Jeffrey
Marcel Island : Starmont House, [1989]. –
370 p. ; cm. – (Facsimile Fiction Series ; no. 5)
ISBN: 1-55742-137-4 (Cloth); 1-55742-136-6 (Paper)
Day of the Micro-Men
Interplanetary Graveyard
Under the White Star
World With a Thousand Moons
The Great Brain of Kaldar (SM#3)
This book is not unpublished! But It is refer to publish in page 181 of Day, M. Bradford, The Checklist of Fantastic Literature in Paperbounds Books (Hillsville : B.M. Day, 1994)

Starwolf (SW#1, SW#2, and SW#3)

New York : Ace Book, 1982.10
456 p. ; cm. – (Ace Science Fiction ; 78422-4) pbk $3.50
Cover: David Schleimkofer ISBN: 0-441-78422-4

The only mercy a starwolf could expect was death …
Morgan Chane is a Starwolf-a member of the most infamous band of interstellar pirates in the galaxy-basically meaning he was one of a band of nogoodnik more-than-human raiders. He had flown with the raind packs, rockets screaming, to plunder the rich and slaughter the helpless.
But Morgan Chane was also a Terran, adopted as a child into the Starwolf clan. And when a quarrel erupted, Chane discovered that the Starwolves weighed his alien birth more heavily than all the years of comradeship. Now he is cast out of the clan, and running for his life.
But where in all the galzxy, can a Starwolf expect to find refuge?.



Chronicles of the Star Kings (SK#1 and SK#2)

Chronicles of the Star Kings
Cover illustration by Eddie Jones
Publisher: London : Arrow Books/Venture SF, 1986.4
Pagination: 297 p. ; 18 cm.
Series: Venture Science Fiction Series ; 10
Note: Paperback
ISBN: 0-09-9478609
The Star Kings (SK#1)
Return to the Stars (SK#2)
The Star Kings
Flung across space and time by the sorcery of super-science, John Gordon exchanges bodies with a prince of the Mid-Galactic Empire two thousand centuries in the future.
Suddenly John is thrust into cosmic batile between the democratic Empire World and the tyranny of the Black Cloud regime. . . But can his twentieth-century mind cope with the technology of 200,000 years from now?
Return To The Stars
Once more John Gordon is propelled into a far-distant future — when the entire galaxy is inhabited. But the human race Is only one among thousands, and many are its sworn enemies.
So a man of the past is forced to ally himself with men of the future in a desperate struggle to save humankind from final annihilation…

City at World's End (Del Rey)

City at World’s End
New York : Ballantine, 1983.7. –
201 p. ; cm. – (A Del Rey Book ; 30987) ISBN: 0-686-45242-9
Cover: Rick Sternbach; ISBN: 0-345-30987-1
“Half a million copies in print of this astounding and prophetic bestseller …” — Cover
Then the Sky Split Open
One moment Kenniston was strolling down the quiet street, lost in pleasant reverie. The next moment the sky split open!
It split wide open, and above them was a bum and a blaze of light—so swift, so violent, that the air itself seemed to have burst into flame.
Then there was silence—awful, suffocating silence.
Kenniston felt the chill of premonition—a shapeless terror that grew into a thing too evil to be borne alone.

Battle for the Stars (TOR Double)

Battle for the Stars
New York : Tom Doherty Association Book, 1989.5. –
107, 141 p. ; 18 cm. – (A Tom Doherty Associate Book ; 55960)
(TOR Double ; 8) pbk $0.5
Bound With: The Nemesis from Terra / by Brackett (141 p.)
Cover: Bryn Bernard ISBN: 0812559606
“Can the crew of the Starsong protect Earth from alien invaders?” — Cover
Followed in space
The Starsong was beginning to pass between the two huge red binaries into the thicker sprawl of stars through which the channel led. The channel was not straight, and you could not take it too fast—in that swarm of suns the fabric of a ship could be torn apart in some deadly gravity drag or vaporized in collision. The only thing was that the Orionids were still following them.
But Birrel said nothing. This was Garstang’s job and he let him do it. The enormous pairs of red suns flashed past them on either side and were gone, and they were in the channel. Under his feet he could feel the Starsong quiver, wincing and flinching like a live thing. On either side the overhanging cliffs of stars seemed to topple toward them. He looked upward at the nebula, like a glowing thundercloud roofing the channel, and then down at the shoaling suns below.
Garstang said flatly, “We didn’t get away quite fast enough. They’ll be barrelling in here after us and they’ll have us in range before we ever get through the channel.”
“As far as I can see,” said Birrel, “we’ve only got one way out of it.”
He looked up at the screens again, at the vast glow of the nebula overhead.
Garstang was silent for a moment. Then he said, “I hoped you wouldn’t think of that.”