OPUS#237 Starman Come Home

OPUS: #237
Title: Starman Come Home (Complete Novel)
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1954
Variant Title of: The Sun Smasher (by Edmond Hamilton )
Type: novella

“Was he Neil Banning, salesman for a New York publisher, or Kyle Valkar, hereditary ruler of the Old Empire? Rolf declared him The Valkar, and offered to prove his claim. There was only one drawback – it Rolf was wrong, the test meant death for Banning.”


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  • The Sun Smasher, (Sep 2008, Edmond Hamilton, publ. Baen, 978-1-60282-398-3, $4.00, ebook) Cover: Doug Chaffee
  • King of Stars, (Sep 2008, Edmond Hamilton, publ. Baen, $20.00, ebook, omni) Cover: Doug Chaffee


  • Review by Hans Stefan Santesson (1959) in Fantastic Universe, July 1959
  • Review by Frederik Pohl (1959) in If, November 1959