OPUS#027 Murder in the Clinic, The [CC#2]

OPUS: #027
Title: The Murder in the Clinic
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1930
Type: novelette
Series: Charlie Carton
Series number: #2
“Are you a detective? Have you a talent for deduction? Then see if you can name the murderer in this story.”
“In “The Invisible Master,” Edmond Hamilton created one of the finest detective stories of the year. But he has surpassed himself in the present tale of a sinister murder. Science, a simple yet baffling plot, rapid action and clever deduction are all combined to make a story which will keep you excited and mystified until the very end of the last chapter.
We read of the scientific discoveries and technic that Edmond Hamilton describes, we see a accounts of these things in the papers every day. Yet the potential dangers to civilized society are disregarded and we have no means of knowing haw many scientific criminals escape the meshes of the police nets. The events Mr. Hamilton describes my have happened – may be happening now – may happen tomorrow. Only the cleverest detective, well versed in modern science, can cope with the educated, and scientific, menace to society.”

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