The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Four

The Reign of the Robots, The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Four
Introduction: Mike Ashley
Cover Art: Frank R. Paul
Illustrated: Frank R. Paul, H.W. “Wesso” Wessolowski, Hugh Rankin, Joseph Doolin, Leo Morey
Publisher: Haffner Press (December 30, 2013)
Pagination: 696 p.
ISBN: 978-1-893887-65-7
“The Man Who Saved Science Fiction” by Mike Ashley
“The Man Who Saw the Future” (Amazing Stories, Oct ’30)
“The Mind-Master” (Weird Tales, Oct ’30)
“The Horror City” (Weird Tales, Feb/Mar ’31)
“The Man Who Evolved” (Wonder Stories, Apr ’31)
“Monsters of Mars” (Astounding Stories, Apr ’31
“Ten Million Years Ahead” (Weird Tales, Apr/May ’31)
“The Earth-Owners” (Weird Tales, Aug ’31)
“The Sargasso of Space” (Astounding Stories, Sep ’31)
“The Shot From Saturn” (Weird Tales, Oct ’31)
“Creatures of the Comet” (Weird Tales, Dec ’31)
“The Reign of the Robots” (Wonder Stories, Dec ’31)
“Dead Legs” (Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, Jan ’32)
“A Conquest of Two Worlds” (Wonder Stories, Feb ’32)
“The Earth-Brain” (Weird Tales, Apr ’32)
“The Terror Planet” (Weird Tales, May ’32)
“Space-Rocket Murders” (Amazing Stories, Oct ’32)
“Vampire Village” (Weird Tales, Nov ’32)
“The Man Who Conquered Age” (Weird Tales Dec ’32)

OPUS#045 Reign of the Robots, The

Title: The Reign of the Robots
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1931
Type: novelette
“Birk sprang back with upraised bar against the Master. The blue beam flashed. It struck Birk squarely.”
“Edmond Hamilotn is the master of exciting stories that carry the reader breathlessly from the first word to the last without a stop. This story is one of those can’t-story-until-you-finish kind.
Many people believe that machines are not an unmixed blessing. Even as far back as a hundred years ago, Mrs. Shelley in her “Frankenstein” showed the machine – the creation of a human brain arising to overthrow its master. Many thoughtful people today believe that that may yet happen if we are not careful. It is a monstrous thing to picture human beings as the creatures or slaves of machines; but if machines are given intelligence and power, their domination may be limitless.
Incindentally this story has an entirely unexpected as well as surprising ending that we doubt enyone will guess beforehand. Those ironical twists at the ends of his stories are part of Mr. Hamilton’s great popularity.”

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  • Review by Everett F. Bleiler (1998) in Science-Fiction: The Gernsback Years