The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Five

The Six Sleepers, The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Five
Introduction: Robert A. Madle
Cover Art: Margaret Brundage
Illustration: C.C. Senf, Frank R. Paul, H.W. “Wesso” Wessolowski, Hugh Rankin, Joseph Doolin, Virgil Finlay
Publisher: Haffner Press, 2015?
Pagination: ca. 600 p
ISBN: 978-1-893887-72-5
“Introduction” by Robert A. Madle
“Snake-Man” (Weird Tales, Jan ’33)
“Kaldar, World of Antares” (Magic Carpet, Apr ’33)
“The Star-Roamers” (Weird Tales, Apr ’33)
“The Island of Unreason” (Wonder Stories, May ’33)
“The Fire Creatures” (Weird Tales, Jul ’33)
“The Horror on the Asteroid” (Weird Tales, Sep ’33)
“The Snake-Men of Kaldar” (Magic Carpet, Oct ’33)
“The Vampire Master” (Weird Tales, Oct 33 – Jan ’34
“The Man with X-Ray Eyes” (Wonder Stories, Nov ’33)
“The War of the Sexes” (Weird Tales, Nov ’33)
“The Man Who Returned” (Weird Tales, Feb ’34)
“Thundering Worlds” (Weird Tales, Mar ’34)
“Cosmos – Chapter 17: Armageddon in Space” (Fantasy Magazine, Dec ’34/Jan ’35)
“Master of the Genes” (Wonder Stories, Jan ’35)
“Murder in the Grave” (Weird Tales, Feb ’35)
The Truth Gas” (Wonder Stories, Feb ’35)
“The Eternal Cycle” (Wonder Stories, Mar ’35)
“The Accursed Galaxy” (Astounding Stories, Jul ’35)
“The Avenger from Atlantis” (Weird Tales, Jul ’35)
“The Cosmic Pantograph” (Wonder Stories, Oct ’35)
“The Six Sleepers” (Weird Tales, Oct ’35)
“The Great Brain of Kaldar” (Weird Tales, Dec ’35)

The Three From the Tomb (Original Collection)

The Three From the Tomb
Publisher: Haffner Press, 2012
NOTE: Cover Art by Jon Arfstrom
NOTE: A supplement of The Vampire Master and Other Tales of Horror – (1/100 Limited Edition)
NOTE: Facsimile of a 1933 brochure promoting Hollywood Radio Attractions’ adaptations of three (of a proposed fifty-two!) stories from WEIRD TALES, including Hamilton’s “The Three From the Tomb”
Introduction by Joseph Wrzos
The Three From the Tomb
The Man Who Returned
The Avenger From Atlantis

反対進化 (Original Collection)

Editor/Translator: 中村融 (NAKAMURA Toru)
Translator: 市田泉 (ICHIDA Izumi)
Publisher: 東京創元社, 2005.03.25
Pagination: 400 p. ; 16 cm
Series: 創元SF文庫 ; SF-ハ-6-3
ISBN 978-4-488-63703-3
「アンタレスの星のもとに」 Kaldar, World of Antares 9 (SM#1)
「呪われた銀河」 The Accursed Galaxy 77
「ウリオスの復讐」 The Avenger of Atlantis 109 tr. 市田泉
「反対進化」 Devolution 161
「失われた火星の秘宝」 Lost Treasure of Mars 191
「審判の日」 Day of Judgement 229
「超ウラン元素」 Transuranic 257 tr. 市田泉
「異境の大地」 Alien Earth 293
「審判のあとで」 After a Judgement Day 343 tr. 市田泉
「プロ」 The Pro  365
編者あとがき SF作家としてのハミルトン / 中村融 pp. 389-398

  • 代島正樹, 創元SF文庫総解説, 東京創元社, 2023.12, p. 177.

ウリオスの復讐 (The Avenger from Atlantis)

Translator: 関口幸男 (SEKIGUCHI Yukio)
Illustrator: 岩淵慶造
in: SFマガジン, Vol. 12, No. 11 (No. 152), 1971.10 臨時増刊号 Extra Issue (Oct. 1971), pp. 317-349
Note: 19711015
アトランティスの守護者として敬われた私を裏切り全大陸を海底へと没し去ったうえ妻を奪って逃げる男を追って 私は脳移植を続けながら60世紀の時空を超えて現代へ!

OPUS#076 Avenger from Atlantis, The

OPUS: #076
Title: The Avenger from Atlantis
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1935
Type: novelette
Variant title: The Vengeance of Ulios
“an amazing tale that sweeps across the dusty centuries to our own time”–TOC
“An epic weird tale that begins in ancient Atlantis and sweeps across the centuries through Egypt, Babylon and Rome, up to our own time”


  • Weird Tales, Vol. 26, no. 1, July 1935, (Jul 1935, ed. Farnsworth Wright, publ. Popular Fiction Publishing Co., Chicago, IL, $0.25, 148pp, Pulp, magazine) Cover: Margaret Brundage; Illust: Binder
  • Weird Tales, (Canada), July 1935
  • The Vengeance of Ulios, The Magic of Atlantis, (Nov 1970, ed. Lin Carter, publ. Lancer, #74699, $0.75, 191pp, pb, anth) Cover: Ron Walotsky
  • Isaac Asimov’s Magical Worlds of Fantasy # 9: Atlantis, (Jan 1988, ed. Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg, Charles G. Waugh, publ. Signet / New American Library, 0-451-15144-5, $3.95, 349pp, pb, anth) Cover: J. K. Potter


  • Review by uncredited (1935) in Fantasy Magazine, July 1935