The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Five

The Six Sleepers, The Collected Edmond Hamilton, Volume Five
Introduction: Robert A. Madle
Cover Art: Margaret Brundage
Illustration: C.C. Senf, Frank R. Paul, H.W. “Wesso” Wessolowski, Hugh Rankin, Joseph Doolin, Virgil Finlay
Publisher: Haffner Press, 2015?
Pagination: ca. 600 p
ISBN: 978-1-893887-72-5
“Introduction” by Robert A. Madle
“Snake-Man” (Weird Tales, Jan ’33)
“Kaldar, World of Antares” (Magic Carpet, Apr ’33)
“The Star-Roamers” (Weird Tales, Apr ’33)
“The Island of Unreason” (Wonder Stories, May ’33)
“The Fire Creatures” (Weird Tales, Jul ’33)
“The Horror on the Asteroid” (Weird Tales, Sep ’33)
“The Snake-Men of Kaldar” (Magic Carpet, Oct ’33)
“The Vampire Master” (Weird Tales, Oct 33 – Jan ’34
“The Man with X-Ray Eyes” (Wonder Stories, Nov ’33)
“The War of the Sexes” (Weird Tales, Nov ’33)
“The Man Who Returned” (Weird Tales, Feb ’34)
“Thundering Worlds” (Weird Tales, Mar ’34)
“Cosmos – Chapter 17: Armageddon in Space” (Fantasy Magazine, Dec ’34/Jan ’35)
“Master of the Genes” (Wonder Stories, Jan ’35)
“Murder in the Grave” (Weird Tales, Feb ’35)
The Truth Gas” (Wonder Stories, Feb ’35)
“The Eternal Cycle” (Wonder Stories, Mar ’35)
“The Accursed Galaxy” (Astounding Stories, Jul ’35)
“The Avenger from Atlantis” (Weird Tales, Jul ’35)
“The Cosmic Pantograph” (Wonder Stories, Oct ’35)
“The Six Sleepers” (Weird Tales, Oct ’35)
“The Great Brain of Kaldar” (Weird Tales, Dec ’35)

Космический наемник (Original Collection)

Космический наемник (Original Collection)
Editor: Ли Брэкетт
Publisher: СПб.: Северо-Запад, 2014
Series: Забытая классика (Жёлтая серия)
Note: Not yet published?
Cover: Д. Мэйтца
Космический наёмник (The Free-Lance of Space) tr. by Е. Шруба
Коридор солнц (Corridor of the Suns) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Космические посетители (The Space Visitors) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Космический пантограф (The Cosmic Pantograph) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Космический поиск (The Cosmic Quest) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Ночь конца света (The Night the World Ended) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Поиски во времени (The Quest in Time) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Трансурановый (Transuranic) / tr. by Е. Шруба
Убийство на астероиде (Murder Asteroid) /tr. by Е. Шруба

OPUS#077 Cosmic Pantograph, The

Title: The Cosmic Pantograph
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1935
Type: short story
“In our March, 1935 issue we published a short story by this favorite author, entitled “The Eternal Cycle.” This tale received much higher acclaim than many of our novels and has been accepted by our readers as a short science-fiction classic.
We do not hesitate to say that you will find the present yarn of at least equal merit to “The Eternal Cycle.” It also presents some brand-new conceptions never before hinted at in science-fiction. And we all know how rare stories like that are.
Though Edmond Hamilton goes, at times (as he does in this story), into the very heights of fantasy, his work at no time becomes illogical or unconvincing. He makes you believe what he is telling you. tearing down all the barriers of conventions and routine, but always making things real and lifelike.
A few minutes from now you will be entering upon a new train of thought, inspiring, enthralling, fantastic.”
“Must man die, as Doctor Robine believers, with his own universe.”

  • Wonder Stories, Vol. 7, no. 5, October 1935, (Oct 1935, ed. Hugo Gernsback, $0.25, 128pp, magazine) Cover: Frank R. Paul; Illust: Paul, pp. 555-559, 623
  • Fantastic Story Magazine, Fall 1951, (Oct 1951, ed. Sam Merwin, Jr., publ. Best Books, Inc., $0.25, 148pp, Pulp, magazine)


  • Review by Everett F. Bleiler (1998) in Science-Fiction: The Gernsback Years