Starcombers, The

Starcombers, The
Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: Armchair Fiction & Music; First Ed Thus edition (June 1, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1612870996
ISBN-13: 978-1612870991
Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.2 x 0.5 inches
Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is another “can’t-put-it-down” gem by Edmond Hamilton, “The Starcombers.” There were immense fortunes to be had on a dying world, but Sam Fletcher was a spaceman near the end of his rope. He had signed on with Harry Axe’s fleet and hated himself for doing so. They were just a bunch of greedy space scavengers. They took the dead dreams of ancient races and sold them for junk. And a love-hate relationship with Harry’s sultry wife didn’t make things any better. That all changed, though, after they stumbled upon this black, sunless world filled with priceless alien artifacts. It was there that a bitter confrontation with a dying alien race, and a fight to the death with some of the most horrible space monsters imaginable, taught Sam Fletcher which dreams were really worth dying for. The second novel is from the man who gave us “This Island Earth,” Raymond F. Jones. “The Year When Stardust Fell” is an engaging sci-fi thriller about an Earth in peril. Mayfield was the typical college town. Nothing too unusual ever happened there until a mysterious comet was suddenly observed by the scientists on College Hill. And then one day the modified engine on Ken Maddox’s car began overheating mysteriously. By morning it didn’t run at all. Art’s Garage, local headquarters for hot-rodders, was soon so full of cars that wouldn’t run, that Ken’s science club began working in the garage after school. It didn’t take long for the club to discover that all the moving parts on these stalled cars had fused together. Soon all machinery had stopped in Mayfield. There was no longer any light or power anywhere. This mysterious creeping paralysis was spreading. The copper-yellow glow of the comet seemed to have brought the whole world to a grinding halt. Finally man was left with only a few primitive tools in this startling and thought-provoking tale that shows how human nature might react to catastrophe.

Разрушители Вселенной (Original Collection)

Разрушители Вселенной (Original Collection)
М.: Книжный Клуб Книговек , СПб.: Северо-Запад, Терра, 2013
384 p. ; 107 x 165 cm. – (Малая библиотека приключений)
ISBN 978-5-4224-0744-6 ; 2013
Illustration: И. Е. Таврась
Извне Вселенной (Outside the Universe), pp. 5-114 (IP#4)
Плоскогорье невидимых людей (Valley of Invisible Men), pp. 115-212
Звездные скитальцы (The Starcombers), pp. 213-285
Эволюция (Devolution), pp. 286-307
Бог пустыни (The Monster-God of Mamurth), pp. 308-329
Галактическая чума (The Accursed Galaxy), pp. 330-358
Мертвая планета (The Dead Planet), pp. 359-379
Эдмонд Мур Гамильтон – известный американский фантаст, особенно прославившийся произведениями в жанре космической оперы.
На галактический патруль, состоящий из землян и их союзников, обрушивается орда космических кораблей из другой Галактики. Необычное оружие легко приносит им первые победы, но основные сражения впереди…
В повести ПЛОСКОГОРЬЕ НЕВИДИМЫХ ЛЮДЕЙ агент США Марк Брэдфорд отправляется в джунгли Южной Америки на поиски удивительного артефакта – камня под названием Сияющий Бог, делающего невидимыми вещи, которые оказались под действием его излучения.

Звездные скитальцы (Original Collection)

Звездные скитальцы: Повести, рассказы (Original Collection) / comp. by А.Иванова
СПб.: Азбука-Терра, 1997, 432 p. – (Капитаны фантастики) 10.000 экз.
ISBN: 5-7684-0242-X
Note: Cover by Р. Вирго
pp. 5-87, Хозяин астероида (Asteroid Man) / *Not Hamilton, by Лайонел Фанторп ; tr. by А. Соколова
pp. 88-101, Мертвая планета (Dead Planet) / tr. by А. Тишинина
pp. 102-122, Галактическая чума (Galaxy Mission/The Triumph of Captain Future) CF#4 / tr. by А. Тишинина
pp. 123-225, По ту сторону звезд (Quest Beyond the Stars) CF#9 / tr. by А. Соколова
pp. 226-297, Извне Вселенной (Outside the Universe) IP#4 / tr. by Л. Ткачука
pp. 298-312, Эволюция (The Man Who Evolved) / tr. by А. Тишинина
pp. 313-362, Звездные скитальцы (The Starcombers) / tr. by А. Иванова
pp. 363-430, Плоскогорье невидимых людей (Treasure on Thunder Moon) / tr. by Л. Соловьёвой
Книга классика научной фантастики Э. Гамильтона переносит нас в далекое будущее. Тайны Вселенной, сокровища давно исчезнувших цивилизаций, ужасные чудовища ожидают отважных звездных капитанов.

OPUS#245 Starcombers, The

OPUS: #245
Title: The Starcombers
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1956
Type: novella
“Greedy scavengers of the universe, they sold the dead dreams of ancient races for junk – until a battle for life taught them what dreams are worth!”


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