OPUS#275 Horror from the Magellanic, The [SK#2-4]

OPUS: #275
Title: The Horror from the Magellanic
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1969
Type: novelette
Series: Star Kings
Series Number: 2
Note: This story became part of the fix-up novel Return to the Stars (1969).

When Edmond Hamilton’s THE STAR KINGS first appeared in these pages, more than twenty years ago (in the September, 1947 issue of AMAZING STORIES, to be exact), it was heralded by a stunning Malcolm Smith cover that only hinted of the novel’s impact upon its readers. Frederick Fell, Inc. published the book in hard covers in 1949 — a pioneer venture — and Signet Books brought it out in paperback form in 1950 as BEYOND THE MOON. (That rather pedestrian job of retitling said a good deal about the state of science fiction in the paperbacks in 1950.) It went through several printings before Signet apparently lost interest in the book and let it lapse.

But the fans did not forget. Nor did Cele Goldsmith, when she became editor of this magazine. And in September, 1964 — seventeen years later to the month — Hamilton returned with KINGDOMS OF THE STARS the first of a projected series of sequels to THE STAR KINGS. Since then two more of the novelettes have been published: THE SHORES OF INFINITY (April, 1965) and THE BROKEN STARS (FANTASTIC, December, 1968).

With great pleasure we now present the fourth new novelette of the Star Kings and the epic adventurer, John Gordon —


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  • Review by Lester del Rey (1970) in If, July-August 1970

ebook: https://archive.org/details/Amazing_Stories_v43n01_1969-05/page/n5