OPUS#048 Three from the Tomb, The

OPUS: #048
Title: The Three From the Tomb
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1932
Type: novelette

“A dramatic thrill-tale about three millionaires, dead and buried for month, who reappeared among the living”–TOC
“A thrill-tale of surgery – three millionaires, dead and buried who reappear in the world of the living”


  • Weird Tales, Vol. 19, no. 2, February 1932, (Feb 1932, ed. Farnsworth Wright, publ. Popular Fiction Publishing Co., Chicago, IL, $0.25, 144pp, Pulp, magazine) Cover: C. C. Senf; Illust: Doolin
  • Startling Mystery Stories, Vol. 2, no. 2=No. 8, Spring 1968, (1968, ed. Robert A. W. Lowndes, publ. Health Knowledge, Inc., $0.50, 132pp, digest, magazine) Cover: Virgil Finlay

ebook: https://archive.org/details/Weird_Tales_v19n02_1932-02_sas