OPUS#018 Other Side of the Moon, The

OPUS: #018
Title: The Other Side of the Moon
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1929
Type: novel
Astronomers seem to be pretty well agreed that the moon is uninhabitable. But even the Lick Observatory telescope, which is the most powerful one of its kind, has naturally enough been able to see only the one side of the moon – the side that is turned to the earth. Only a trip to the moon and around it would disclose what there is on the other side.
Mr. Hamilton can be depended on to furnish an altogether novel way of reaching the moon and makes it seem so logical it seems a wonder some such method hasn’t been devised a long time ago.
“The Other Side of the Moon” raises several other interesting questions, among them being, “Who were the first inhabitants of the earth?” So many “obviously” impossible dreams have recently become real achievements, that we an almost begin to read less skeptically about cosmic travel – particularly when it is offered in as plausible a manner as it is in this story.

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  • Review by Everett F. Bleiler (1998) in Science-Fiction: The Gernsback Years

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