OPUS#025 Invisible Master, The [CC#1]

OPUS: #025
Title: The Invisible Master
Author: Edmond Hamilton
Year: 1930
Type: novelette
Series: Charlie Carton
Series number: #1
“A thousand alarms are pouring into Police Headquarters! The Invisible Master broods over the city! Who is He? We defy the reader to guess the secret. Even the editorial staff was astounded at the conclusion of this scientific yarn.”
“If you were to ask us which, in our opinion, is the greatest scientific detective story of the year, we certainly would pronounce the present story to be that unusual gem.
Here is a story that will keep you fascinated, not only in connection with its excellence of science, understandable by everyone, but by the fast-moving action for which this well-known author is famous.
Invisibility in this sort of story is perhaps not a new idea; but we venture to say that no one can foretell the O. Henry-like ending, which is as unexpected as it is dramatic.”

  • Scientific Detective Monthly [v1 #4, April 1930] (25¢, 96pp+, large, cover by Paul) , pp. 300-313. Illustrated by J. Ruger.
  • The Invisible Master, (2000, Edmond Hamilton, publ. Black Dog Books,  1-928619-12-6, $6.00, 75pp, ph, coll), pp. 5-40. Cover by Tom Roberts.

ebook: http://comicbookplus.com/?cid=2697
ebook: https://archive.org/details/ScientificDetectiveMonthlyV01n04193004c2cSaskiaBogof39